Thermax Chemical Division manufactures a wide range of Specialty Paper Process Chemicals; Surface chemicals, internal sizing, Specialty chemicals and Retention and drainage aid being some of them.

Process Chemical

Process chemicals include Dry strength resin, paper machine biocide, defoamer, stickies control & color pigments.
  • Maxbond refers to range of Cationic, Anionic and Amphoteric Dry strength resins that helps to maintain strength to paper.
  • Maxtreat® Paper machine biocide are used to remove deposited slime, pitch, scale and other debris from a paper machine process.
  • Water base paper machine defoamer Maxtreat® enhances the ability to kill entrapped foam from the system.

Surface chemicals

This group includes surface sizing chemicals, coating chemicals and surface strength improving agents.
  • Maxcote surface sizing chemicals help to improve printability of paper.
  • Acrylic base binder, coating hardener and coating filler dispersing agent are some of the surface coating chemicals.

Internal sizing chemical

  • Chemicals used to increase the hydrophobicity of paper by adding in wet end application.

Specialty chemicals

  • Thermax offers Maxtreat ® deinking enzyme, refining enzyme and starch liquefaction enzyme.

Retention and Drainage aid

Thermax manufactures a wide range of coagulant and flocculants for use in paper machine systems and in waste water treatment plants. Maxfloc® range of retention products has been specifically developed to be used as the single retention product. These products are also used in combination with inorganic or organic coagulants or in treatment system together with a micro-particle. The Maxfloc® range of coagulants find application as charge neutralizers of anionic trash, fixing agent and controlling stickies in the coated broke system and in combination with AKD and ASA sizes to improve fixing and cure rate.

Product Range