Specialty Resins –mono Ethylene Gylcol (Meg) Cycle Water Purification

Thermax offers total range of ion exchange resins required for mono ethylene glycol (MEG) cycle water treatment. The resins developed for this application are specially designed and have all required characteristics to withstand/remove high molecular weight organics and complex impurities generated during the manufacturing process. TULSION® resins for MEG cycle water purification have received acceptance at global level and now has a healthy list of references. Thermax proudly claims 100% customer retention in this application due to most appropriate products and technical support.

Services offered by Thermax in cycle water treatment application are:
  • Supervision of resin commissioning activities
  • Plant stabilization
  • Trouble shooting
  • Upgrading performance of resins by increasing service cycle hours
  • Helping the customer to choose right products depending on the type of catalyst.
  • Resin analysis and performance evaluation
TULSION® resins have the following advantages:
  • Matrix –Specially developed with optimized cross linking for better performance.
  • Surface area and Porosity – Carefully controlled for effective removal/ elution of organics.
  • Osmotic stability – For longer resin life.
  • Total range – Can offer customized solution for different feed characteristics.

Product Range