Specialty Resins – Metal Recovery

Selective removal of metal ions from a variety of solutions has become an important application in recent times due to regulatory as well as economic aspects. In many cases it is an absolutely necessary process requirement. Chelating ion exchange resins can be effectively and economically employed for such applications. Metals such as platinum, gold, and palladium are expensive and have many commercial uses. It is always desirable to recover these metals from industrial waste solutions. Effluents containing metals like Mercury cannot be discharged directly due to their toxic nature. Removal of such toxic metals from effluent becomes mandatory in such cases.

Almost all of these chelating resins are regenerable and can be used in multiple cycles. Thermax has a wide range of chelating ion exchange resins and can offer a solution to a variety of industrial applications.

Some of the advantages of using TULSION® resins for treatment of metal waste are listed below:
  • Highly resistant to osmotic shock and has excellent physical stability.
  • Used for selective removal of bivalent metal cations from industrial process and waste streams.
  • Higher level of selectivity.
  • Easy regeneration

Product Range