Specialty Resins – High Purity Water*

Ultra pure water is a water of high resistivity and very low in TOC & silica. Ultra pure water is used in various applications such as semiconductor manufacturing, electronic component production, pharmaceutical processing, lens cleaning and so on. Water is passed through various equipments such asDMF, RO, UV, TOC reducer, CF, Oxygen scavenger, EDI, MB etc to bring the water quality up to the desired TOC and resistivity levels. This purified water is further passed through various equipments such asMB, UV, Heat exchanger, TOC reducer, UF to get even higher purity water.

TULSION® offers the following advantages:
  • Ready to use mixed bed mixture suitable for very high purity DM water
  • Recommended in any mixed bed application where reliable production of the highest quality water is required and where the supplied resin must have an absolute minimum of ionic and non-ionic impurities.
  • Resin ratio of anion to cation is volumetrically optimized to achieve maximum removal of other sensitive ions such as silica.

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