Fireside Chemicals

Sooting (Fouling) clinkering and other combustion deposits are some of the common fireside occurrences in boilers and thermic fluid heaters. The adhesive properties of unburnt carbon result in the formation of incombustible solids on the heat transfer surfaces, resulting in poor heat transfer, reduced overall boiler efficiency, and increase in fuel consumption.

Thermax provides a series of fuel and fireside additives for liquid and solid fuel fired boilers where the impact of clinker formation can result in frequent cleaning, increased down time and increase in specific fuel consumption.

Thermosl range of liquid fuel additives are designed to condition fuel for better performance and operation of the systems. The Thermomix and Economix series of fireside additives are designed for solid fuel fired boilers and heaters including biomass.

Thermosol and Thermomix/ Economix series of fuel and fireside additives are balanced formulation of combustion catalysts, dispersants, oxidising agents, propellants, oxidizers and special additives in balanced quantities that help in ensuring proper combustion, reduction in clinker formation, increase in heat transfer and reduction in corrosion.

Product Range