Chiller Heater

The Chiller-Heater is a Lithium bromide based absorber designed to generate either chilling and heating as well as simultaneously in a single unit using Steam/Fuel firing/Exhaust gases/Hot water as heat source. Chiller-Heaters can generate hot water temperature up to 95 ºC.

In Thermax's High Efficiency Chiller-Heater 40% of the heat required for generating hot water is recovered from low temperature chilled water. Remaining 60% is recovered from external heat source. Thereby, 40% reduction in direct external heat source can be achieved for heating hot water as compared to conventional hot water generator. Additionally refrigeration is also generated simultaneously.

Chiller-Heaters find its application in industries like Food & Beverages, Automobile, Pharmaceutical, Hotels, and all processes where both, cooling and heating is required.

Operating Range

Heating capacity

250 to 9250 kW

Cooling capacity

100 to 3500 USRT

Hot water temperature:

Up to 90 ºC (194 ºF)

Chiller water temperature

Up to 1 ºC (34 ºF) and -2 ºC (28.5 ºF) for brine