Chemicals and Ion exchange resins

The India- headquartered Chemical division of Thermax Limited manufactures and markets a wide range of specialty chemicals to help improve processes and product performance. Thermax’s Chemical business is a leading global manufacturer of TULSION ® and TULSIMER® brand Ion Exchange Resins and copolymer products. It has pioneered in the field of Water and Fuel Treatment Chemicals, Oil Field Chemicals, Paper chemicals, and Construction chemicals to a spectrum of more than 40 Industry sectors and 5000 plus references. With 40 years of rich experience and backed by strong dealer network, the Chemical Division serves customers across the globe and compliments the entire range of Thermax's energy and environment businesses.

Our business is about ‘effective customer solutions' through innovations, development, service and co-operation. Our dynamic teams focus their energy and resources to offer the very best solutions to customer’s needs.

Thermax Inc., a subsidiary of Thermax Limited, is located in Houston, Texas, USA. The company offers a wide variety of ion exchange resins, oil field chemicals, Water and Fuel Treatment Chemicals and Paper chemicals through Thermax’s Chemical division and Vapor Absorption Machines through Thermax’s Cooling division.

Ion Exchange Resins

Thermax Inc. offers a wide range of specialty resins for a variety of applications as mentioned below.
  • Adsorbent resins for removal of organic bodies / color from aqueous streams
  • Catalytic grade resins for acid catalyzed reaction replacing sulfuric acid, PTSA, MSA etc.
  • Chelating resins for selective removal of metal ions from solutions
  • Organic Removal resins for removing of natural organics from ground water
  • Mixed bed resins for high purity water
  • Copolymer beads for investment casting
  • NSF certified cation exchange resins for potable water applications
Following are the industries / applications benefitted from our specialty resin offerings.
  • Food and beverage
  • Chemical process industry
  • Petrochemical industry
  • Hydrometallurgy
  • Pickling industry
  • Ground water remediation
  • Power generation
  • Semiconductor industry
  • Investment Casting
  • Domestic softening
Apart from specialty resins, Thermax Inc offers standard Strong and Weak acid cation exchange resins, Strong and Weak base anion exchange resins as well as Mixed Bed resins for demineralization and softening applications in Industrial, Municipal and Domestic water treatment.

Oil Field Chemicals

Chemical specifications and product performance are the two virtues that make Thermax Oil Field chemicals a preference for the users. We specialise in manufacturing chemicals required in Production of Crude oil, used mostly in Primary & Secondary Recovery stages.

Thermax manufactures a wide range of Pour Point Depressants for handling crude oils of various qualities. These improve fluidity in pipeline transportation of crude oils and flow characteristics of oil; and bring about significant cost reduction. This facilitates smooth transportation of crude oil.

Also, a wide range of chemicals are manufactured by Thermax that are efficient in preventing scale formation, corrosion and bacterial growth in pipelines without hindering the flow of oil or gas.

Primary Recovery Oil Field Chemicals
MAXDIP® Pour Point Depressant
DEEMAX® Demulsifier
OILMIN® Deoiler
SCALEMIN® Scale Inhibitor
CORROMIN® Corrosion Inhibitor (Produced water & Gas)
BIOMIN® Biocide
Secondary Recovery Oil Field Chemicals
MAXOLYTE® Coagulants and Flocculants
SCALEMIN® Scale Inhibitor
BIOMIN® Biocide
CORROMIN® Corrosion inhibitor
Other Oil Field Chemicals
SWELLMIN® Clay Stabilizer
ACIMIN® Acid Corrosion Inhibitor
DEEMAX® Non Emulsifying agent
MAXDIP® Pour Point Depressants for diesel & lubricating oil

Water and Fuel Treatment Chemicals

Thermax Inc. also offers integrated end to end water treatment solutions from influent water treatment to effluent water treatment to improve efficiency of water treatment operation. The offerings include,
  • Poly electrolytes for industrial water treatment and effluent water treatment
  • Wide range of Reverse Osmosis Antiscalants, Cleaners and biocides.
  • Internal boiler water conditioning chemicals and fire side additives for combustion improvement
  • Wide range of Corrosion inhibitors, Biocides and Antiscalants for cooling water treatment.

Paper Chemicals

Thermax Inc. offers a range of performance paper chemicals formulated to enhance the physical attributes of the paper products. The offerings include,
  • Coagulants & Flocculants
  • Dry strength resins
  • Deposit Control Chemicals
  • Defoamers and Antifoamers
  • Deinking and Refining additives
  • Paper Dyes
  • Coating Chemicals
  • Deinking and Refining Enzymes.

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