Specialty Resins – Brine Decalcification/ Brine Purification

In chloro-alkali industry brine is used. Brine is electrolyzed using membrane technology. In order to keep membrane effectively operational, inlet brine parameters ( e.g. hardness, Sr, Fe etc) need to be maintained at ppb level with use of Ion exchange resin technology. Resins are deployed after filtration for getting desired level of impurities which becomes inlet to membrane in electrolysis zone. Specially designed chelating resins are used for this purpose.

The range of chelating resins having polystyrene matrix and are weak acid, macro porous cation exchange resins consisting of either:
  • Iminodiacetate functional group in sodium form
  • Aminomethylphosphonic acid functional group in sodium form
The resin matrix design that encompasses properties of optimum porosity and surface area give excellent operating capacities. As the affinity between various ions differs, the resins form chelates, resulting in removal of one cation in presence of other substances. The resins also offer superior mechanical stability.

Product Range