Specialty Resins – Biodiesel

Biodiesel is a renewable source based diesel fuel consisting of long chain alkyl esters which is used in standard diesel engines as a single fuel or even blended in various proportions with petrol and diesel. Ion exchange resins are used for (1) Removal of glycerin and soaps and/or free fatty acids from finished biodiesel, (2) For conversion of free fatty acids in feed stock with high FFA by esterification of fatty acids.

This will replace the water washing conventionally used to remove these impurities resulting in substantial saving in waste water generation and also facilitate easy handling.

Some of the highlights of using TULSION® resins are as follows:
  • High physical strength
  • Not readily hydrolyzed or oxidized and are resistant to high temperatures
  • Can be used in any reactor type , any medium and in a wide variety of industrial processes
  • Does not degrade during processing steps
  • Resins can be re-used after proper regeneration

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