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Thermax cooling promotes Absorbers as a cost effective, energy efficient and environment friendly alternative to electricity driven compression chillers. It offers expert solutions in Air Conditioning, Process Cooling as well as heating for industrial as well as commercial applications. Thermax cooling’s strength lies in customized solution as per the requirements of the customers. Unlike electrical chillers, absorbers are powered by heat. These machines can run on a variety of heat sources, e.g. steam, hot water, liquid/gaseous fuels, exhaust gases and/or a combination of above.

Thermax believes in efficient and responsive services to its clients and exhibits in its way of business, by giving optimal and quality solutions and achieving customer delight. Thermax has a worldwide sales, service and distribution network to fulfill the needs of its valuable customers

Thermax is one of the global leaders in vapor absorbers. The Thermax cooling business offers an extensive range of chillers that use steam, hot water, exhaust gases and other fuels.

Specialized applications such as inlet air-cooling, district cooling and heating, solar cooling with Thermax chillers are improving output and productivity across industries the world over. Our Vapor Absorption Technology is at work for clients in more than 85 countries.

We are actively present in more than 50 industries which include pharmaceutical, chemicals, fertilizers, textiles, petrochemical, food and beverage, automobile industries, commercial complexes, educational institutes, airports among others.

Thermax chillers integrate well with efficient energy setups such as cogeneration and combined heating, cooling and power (CHPC) systems. As they do not use harmful refrigerants like CFCs, these eco-friendly systems are the natural choice for green energy planners.



Agreement with Sanyo, Japan for selling Sanyo absorbers. 


Technical license agreement for manufacturing single and double effect steam driven absorbers (100-1400 TR)


Technical collaboration with Kawasaki, Japan for efficient fuel driven absorbers (30-1100 TR)


Exclusive agreement with Trane Inc. (Ingersoll rand, USA) for selling Thermax’s absorbers in the US and Canada markets



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