Oil Field Chemicals

With complete product portfolio of Production Chemicals and an experience of over thirty years in supplying Oil Field Production Chemicals globally, Thermax now extends Chemical Management Services in India. Thermax is capable of offering customized chemicals and solutions for the specific needs and application of customers.

The oil field specialty chemicals from Thermax focus on treating crude oil and water, efficiently and cost effectively. We offer a wide range of Pour Point Depressants for smooth and problem free transportation of crude oil from production site to factory. Thermax’s Pour Point Depressants have proven their versatility in handling crude of various characteristics.

Thermax can offer a package of chemicals which are required by the oil field exploration services companies, apart from demulsifiers, de-oilers, polyelectrolytes, antifoam and oxygen scavengers.

Our product portfolio also includes chemicals for controlling bacterial growth, scaling and corrosion in oil and gas pipelines while not impeding the flow of oil or gas. This avoids operational problems and ensures smooth transportation of crude.

Oil Field Product Profile

Primary Recovery Oil Field Chemicals
MAXDIP® Pour Point Depressant
DEEMAX® Demulsifier
OILMIN® Deoiler
SCALEMIN® Scale Inhibitor
CORROMIN® Corrosion Inhibitor (Produced water & Gas)
BIOMIN® Biocide
Secondary Recovery Oil Field Chemicals
MAXOLYTE® Coagulants and Flocculants
CORROMIN® Corrosion inhibitor
SCALEMIN® Scale Inhibitor
BIOMIN® Biocide
Other Oil Field Chemicals
SWELLMIN® Clay Stabilizer
ACIMIN® Acid Corrosion Inhibitor
DEEMAX® Non Emulsifying agent
MAXDIP® Pour Point Depressants for diesel & lubricating oil

Product Range